Wednesday, March 19, 2008

How it looked for the party.

Below you will find some photos showing the house shortly before the party. First, I have to showcase Barb & Doug's gift to welcome other Martineau "Friends":
Here we have Mary setting up some food for the party. Flowers are from Market Blooms in the North Market, of course!
As we haven't moved in yet, we only have the absolutely necessary furniture in... such as the bar. Or as one guest quipped, "I love your dining room table."
Below is the view of the entryway/Dining Room from the study. Yes, we removed the mop and rag box before the party:
Not a great shot, but this is at the top of the stairs and shows the railing, the door to the laundry closet and the (open) door to the master bedroom:
Below we have the door to the master bath... which was nice for our guests that they could actually shut doors when using the facilities.
Next is a before and after shot of the wine cellar door. The door was filthy from being in a farmhouse attic for years. But it did clean up very well. Before:
Of course, the wine cellar itself (pre-filling):
Finally, a shot of the mostly-cleared out first room in the basement, looking on the wine-cellar door:


Bungalow Monster said...

I'm curious what the carpenter ever had to say for himself... parking his family in your home and not following through???

House is looking very sharp! Like your use of color!

Anonymous said...

Man, I wish we'd been able to make it but well Sophie was pretty out of wack. Anyhow, hope you guys had a great time and we'll look forward to seeing it another day.