Monday, March 24, 2008

Another day..another piece of furniture moved...

Day three of our task to bring a new piece of furniture to the house per day. We're on a roll, but I suspect that after a week of this it's going to get a little trickier about what we can sacrifice at the other house and still keep it functional. Today's pick, one of the bookshelves from the study. Eric adjusts the shelves:
We'll have to think about whether we really like it there or if it blocks the window too much, but for now it stays:
Then it was on to our new perpetual job of staining woodwork. These photos are for Suz, "Any new photos? I guess photos of stained woodwork probably aren't that interesting, huh?" You wanted them, you got em! Here's the master bedroom just awaiting polyurethane (now poly drying is REALLY dull)!
It's nice to compare how the stain really warms up a room. Case in point, the HVAC box before:
And now with blue tape and red oak stain:
And the window in the groovy room also got stained yesterday:
A couple hours of that and we deserved pizza. Homemade in our new house...our first "real meal"!

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