Monday, March 10, 2008

Monday update

The blizzard kept Eric at (the old) home this weekend and I was fortuitously in sunny Oakland visiting sister Heather and niece Bernadette (since Wednesday- what perfect timing). While I enjoyed gorgeous 65 degree weather, perfect company and such adventures as travelling to the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market, Eric was shovelling snow and hibernating with friends Brian and Suz. I'll get up some cute niece pics up later, but you can check out Heather's blog for hers in the meantime because she's on it like that!( So we both got back to work yesterday. I finished the river rock base in the master shower and have plans to grout it tomorrow. Eric poly-ed more of the base trim. Then I started patching nail holes in the trim on the second floor with wood filler and Eric sanded it down to prep for eventual staining. I put in the last carpet square around the door and we set up the futon in the den...we have actual comfortable seating! Justen arrived on the scene to put up the basement and front door molding. He's promised he'll be done by Thursday, which will be perfect timing as I've hired someone to do a "big clean" on Friday because we're having folks over to check our progress on Saturday and the place needs some serious scrubbing. So E and I are prioritizing stuff to get done. Some of it is questionably sill stuff like completing the wine cellar. So Eric and I returned to the house yesterday evening and finished staining the last of the wine rack pieces with hopes of assembling it before Saturday.

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