Sunday, March 2, 2008

Shower wall, going up...exterior doors, not so much

We promised you photos of the exterior doors last week, right? So here you go:
They are still sitting in our living room as our carpenter is awol. Maybe next week instead.
On a happier note, John who did our tiling came back Saturday AND Sunday to work on the glass block shower wall in the master bath. Here's Saturday's progress:
And by the end of Sunday the wall was almost complete:
I enjoyed admiring it from every angle. Here it is from the shower seat:
Note the perfectly levelled matching mirrors. It only took me a couple tries to accomplish that!
Friday night we installed our shower curtain in the guest bathroom:
The Ikea curtain gives a lovely shot of color to the room. We picked up the tension shower rod at Target. Saturday Eric put the doors on the IKEA vanity in the guest bathroom:
So when you come to visit we're almost ready for you. Sunday I decided to start laying the carpet squares in the den. Here's my test run:
And here's as far as I got "for real":
It seemed like it should be such a simple task, and for the most part it was. But, ala tiling, once you get to those edges there's a lot of measuring and cutting to contend with. I've still got the final two rows to go, because I had to quit. My hands were aching from the uitility knife and carpet scissor use. Sunday I also grouted in the wine cellar. I'm liking the contrast of the terracotta grout with the earthy tiles. It feels very craftsman style. Wall to the left:
Left wall and a hint of the main wall:
Other stuff that got done:
Eric did some trim staining.
Brian and Suz helped us remove the dryer from the hallway and stack it on the washer.
We tried to hook it up. It involved an acrobatic Brian removing his belt and pants and shimmying into a gap between the dryer and ceiling and attempting to plug it in. Alas, the plug does not match the cord provided so we'll have to take it our and change out the cord. Ugh, that will be a pain.


roofing said...

Lover the tile i think it looks great :)



Jennifer said...

WOW! On the wine cellar. What a great way to decorate such an unusual space.

How was the glass block to work with? I'm considering replacing our shower window with glass block.

The Martineaus said...

Thanks for the approval David!
Jennifer - the glass block is a little tricky. The mortar has no where for the moisture to absorb (because of the glass block)- unlike tile where some of it goes into the substrate behind it. Thus, the mortar stays wetter longer, so once you've got your mortar lines set(like grout lines), you've got to be extra careful in cleaning off the glass block lest you mess up your work! That's why we called in our pro John!

Fine Family said...

Wow - the wine cellar looks amazing, as do the bathrooms. I can hardly wait for our next visit to Columbus - I love the carpet tiles in the 'den', too - you guys are doing such a great job!