Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Baseboard molding....trim nearing completion!

Our carpenter is going to town to get all of his projects done by Thursday....ummmm, yeah, that's TOMORROW! He made huge strides today on the first floor baseboard molding that Eric had stained and polyurethaned (much easier than trying to do it on the wall as we'll do with the window trim). Here's the front door:
The living room:
The finishing trim work between the brick and drywall:
The kitchen:
See the big white patches in the photo above? Eric got out the joint compound yesterday and filled in the myriad holes, dings and gouges we've put in the walls since we painted them. Tomorrow night we'll sand them down (or judging by the white dust maybe E's already done that) and touch them up! Our darling study:
The study's even got the quarter round going on! I got the grout haze off the river rock in the bathroom before going to work this morning:
And managed to not give myself a shower in the process this time. I also put more of the wine rack together and Eric finished off the job this afternoon. We'll try for some good shots of that tonight, but they're hard to get in a five-foot-wide room! I guess you'll just have to stop by and see it in person. Tomorrow night the cardboard boxes come off the floors and the cleaning starts in earnest on Friday. It will be funny to actually be able to see our floors again! You might not have noticed in photos but we cut open every cardboard box (and there were many for everything from kitchen cabinets to appliances) and put it down to protect the floors. I am so excited to see them all will feel like we're almost home!

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