Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Pre-work staining...E polyurethaning

Usually I'm the Market "opener" meaning I get to work at 7AM. Every once in a while something's going on and I'm the "closer" so I get the morning to do other stuff. Today it was staining. My coolest accomplishment today was the first section of railing off the master bedroom:
Let's look at it again from another angle:
I also stained the steps into the groovy room, they look like cedar in this picture:
And the door crowns to the master bedroom and the laundry closet:
Eric got another nice day and put a coat of polyurethane down on the back porch:
He also re-attached the gutter that our carpenter removed to construct the porch and never replaced. And we took a desk to the house in the we're SLOWLY moving!


Fred said...

Wonderful staining job. The resulting color in the second photo of the stairs looks like purple heart wood... although I have seen this effect with pictures on other sites where it is actually pine.

The railings look fantastic.

martineau said...

I hadn't looked at things in a few weeks - what an incredible job you guys are doing!

Talk to you soon!
Love, Traci