Thursday, March 13, 2008

Cleaning frenzy

My duty tonight was to empty the first floor of everything not nailed down so that a cleaning helper can wipe down walls and mop floors tomorrow. Eric tackled the massive molding (trim, not funky stuff) and random cut wood piles. We're packrats so much more was organized than actually discarded, but one can now walk through all 4 rooms in the basement without peril of tripping. And all tools, drop cloths, cardboard shields, etc. are now gone so we can once again admire our lovely hardwood floors. Justen had worked until about 2 AM on Wednesday night according to neighbor Renos. He and his helper sanded, put up more trim and started their cleaning yesterday too. We took the dogs with us last night because there was a lit less trouble they could get into. We blockaded them into the living room and while they would have preferred the run of the house, they seemed to enjoy the action of watching Justen work in the entry room. Two days until deadline....

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