Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Weekend Progress

We worked on Saturday morning before heading up to Cleveland for Dad Mac's birthday dinner. More staining of woodwork was involved. We finished up the French doors:Here's the dormer windows in the master bedroom:
The little window in the master bedroom that overlooks the park (if you're tall enough):
And you can see in a couple of the above pics that we stained the little "cubbies" on either side of the room. We've decided to try to bring a piece of non-essential (at the old house) furniture each day on our trip to the house. Saturday morning we transported this dresser out of the dining room and into its final resting place in the guest bedroom:
And on Sunday afternoon we brought this desk out of the guest bedroom at the old house and think it works rather well with the color scheme in the groovy room:
Sunday afternoon we installed some cabinet hardware on the linen closet and the "cubbies". We found the backplates in a bin at the Habitat for Humanity Build-it-Again-Center and the knobs we picked up at Great Indoors. The linen closet:
A close-up of the hardware details:
Our architect warned us of a couple things we'll need to pass the final inspection, like house numbers. So we picked those up at the Great Indoors too and put them up:
Eric is meeting Justen at the house tomorrow to go over the final details of the trim work...and maybe paying him if he's done. And then it's all us. Since it was nice out today I took a new exterior shot:

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