Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Party Approaching!

Now that we've invited 100 people over to the house on Saturday we're working frantically to get a short list of stuff completed. When I got off work today I went straight to the Tile Shop for a final (we hope) bag of charcoal grout and grouted the river rock shower:
The rocks are still a little hazy, but I got a good story out of the task. I seem to be naturally inclined to be a clutz around plumbing fixtures. After I'd made the first pass to clean up the big grout globs, I stood up to rinse out the sponge and accidentally turned on the shower. On me. And the newly grouted rocks. In the shower. With the drain taped off to prevent grout from getting into it. It took me a little while to figure out HOW to turn off the shower (I've never used it before). Then I had to rip the million pieces of blue tape off the drain to let the gallon of water drain out of the basin. Then I had to mop up the remaining water with my sponge. I don't think any damage was done and it certainly did a better job cleaning the grout off the rocks than my sponging efforts had been going. But it freaked me out just a little too...And now I was slightly soaking. Justen worked on more trim today. Ooh, and put in the back door. Here's the result of both efforts:
And he trimmed out the doors from the outside too. A little green paint and we're done (haha and my picture is upside down)!
The door to the basement is now up:
Remember this? It's the stack of Ikea wineracks pre-staining and pre-assembly:
The lovely Suz continues to help with this task. With the lure of wine we got her to help us begin the wine rack assembly. Much more wine will be needed to complete the task:


Jennifer said...

I recommend Tempest Shiraz 2005 (from Australia) or Las Rocas Red 2005 (Spain). Yummy!

Our wine hutch is filling up with bottles people bring or give us that we will never drink... like the 3 bottles of champagne from our wedding. I HATE champagne. And sweet wines...

Too funny about the shower... sounds like something I would do!

The Martineaus said...

Jennifer- Let's arrange a trade. I'll give you reds for your champagne (not the sweet ones). I'm a red drinker too, but I LOVE bubbly! Especially when celebrating something...like house completion!