Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Final Inspection!

In the hopes of having an uneventful final inspection by the city, we had hand-rails installed on both porches. While the porch design looked cleaner without them, the city likely would have required them and they do serve a purpose. So, voila!
Back porch:
Yesterday was supposed to be the final inspection by the city. I waited at the house all day, and happily the inspector did show up at 3:00pm. While waiting I stained the woodwork in the entry/dining room area:

While also waiting, I dug some post-holes for our fence. Turns out we have all the components to finish the fence, thanks to Mr. Ressa and some other wood we salvaged from our old deck.

So, how'd the inspection go? Passed without a hitch. We have our occupancy permit and are free to move in!

Oh, final bit of news from yesterday. While on our way to the old house, our celebration plans (dinner at Basi Italia) nearly got derailed as we found this creature wandering along 4th Street (a very busy road). Had a collar but no tags, though it is obvious he is a well-cared for dog. So we lured him into the van and are now trying to find his owners. Thankfully, he and Bogart have been getting along very well, wrestling non-stop. And he has enough sense to leave Wiley alone.


kingstreetfarm said...

Looking great!! It was a smart idea to go ahead with the porch handrails, and I actually think they look quite nice.

And OH what a sweet golden retriever face!! I know someone has to be searching frantically for him--we have two goldens and their personalities make them the most beloved of all family members. I hope you can find his humans for him soon!

Jennifer said...

Congratulations on the inspection!

What a sweet puppy... I love goldens (have two golden mixes over here!)

Josh said...

I can't get over how amazing your place is looking! And I agree with kingstreetfarm about the handrails. They are a good addition functionally and aesthetically.