Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Tile Wednesday

We got a whole 7 tiles laid in the master bath this evening. Granted, they are 18" tiles that we have to very carefully lay as we're doing a straightforward grid pattern. We're trying to keep the lines very even and the mortar bed built up slightly to accomodate for the radiant heat mats. And the mister learned that he's not as infallible as when he used to play soccer (age 13) and severely "tweaked" his knee in a late night indoor intramural game, so he's walking about ala Frankenstein and has a hard time getting into and outta "mortar postition"! So we got most of the main no-cuts-required tiles laid (2 to go). We're calling it 1/3 of the room. Brian and Suz stopped by and played audience. AND we promised to babysit for a neighbor at 8PM so our work time was abbreviated. On the trim front it looks like Justen started building out the window frames and put up the side moldings. He got most of the first floor done today. And nobody remembered the camera so you're just going to have to envision it in your head until we do!
OK, here's the shot.

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