Sunday, January 27, 2008

Grouting the guest bath

I forgot how tedious grouting tile can be. I was reminded yesterday as we tackled the tiny guest bath. Seriously, it's about a five by five square that required grouting and it made me grumpy! The laying of the grout isn't bad. Since we have small grout lines we used unsanded grout and it seems more workable than the sanded stuff, but it also seemed to dry a lot faster. Then there's the cleanup. Ugh. Here's the tile after a couple passes with the sponges...yep, still got grout haze:
Another view:
We're letting the grout set and will return for the remaining streaks tomorrow!


Jennifer said...

I found I had to let my husband do that job... I was just so SLOW at it! It is very tedious. Looks good so far.

Sarah said...

Grout haze is really frustrating! I love your tile choice, though - it's so pretty!