Friday, January 11, 2008

Doors, more lights & counter measurements...

Today's excitement was supposed to be the guy from L&E Stone coming out to measure our cabinets for the granite countertops. It turned into more distress as he claimed out biga$$ IKEA farmhouse sink would not fit our KraftMaid cabinet (which should hold ANY 36" sink according to our salesguy). "You buy new sink" he says in his broken English. "It much easier." I did the only thing I could think of, I tossed a Sharpie marker at him (in jest, of course). Man, we've owned this sink since April in anticipation of getting a finished kitchen. It cost us $300 bucks. Comparable farmhouse sinks cost $700-$1,000...we're gonna make this damned thing work! Sigh, here's a photo of our drawer pulls while we figure that out:
On happier notes, Brandon (electrician) returned today and installed a bunch of fixtures. Behold the amazing uplights in the living room (thanks to Justen for the shelves & trim):
The fan on the back porch:
The back porch light:
And Justen worked on hanging doors on the second floor. Here's the one to the master bedroom hanging (the bathroom door off hinges is leaning on the laundry closet):
The door to the extra little funky room which he neatly cut on an angle and framed to fit:
And the door to the mega-closet:

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