Sunday, January 13, 2008

It all started out so well...

So we started today pouring the pro-level in the bathroom. This product is self-leveling mortar which gives you a smooth, level bed to tile upon. We had sealed and puttied the edges of the room and all the holes in the 100 year old floor yesterday, so upon arrival we dove right in. Below is the floor as we added our 2nd bag of pro-level. You can see the dam we built at the doorway to the study.
After 3 bags applied, the mesh and radiant heat mat were covered, we checked the basement for leaks, and seeing none, we began the clean-up. That's when the sh!t started to unravel. We sprung a leak, resulting in a nice stream of pro-level draining into our basement. Below you can see where it is sinking in at the far right of the photo.
Here's a closer shot of the shallow area:
Well, it turns out the leak is behind an old tin plate nailed to the old cold air return when the furnace was updated from gravity to forced air. The tin plate, of course, is behind 2 air ducts and the AC feed, so reaching it is a pain in the... lets say challenging. So, working above my head and under an active concrete drip, Mary and I tore off the old tin, found the 2 leaks, and got crazy with the plumber's putty trying to contain it. And it appears, at least for the time being, we were successful. Below is a picture of me after my concrete bath. Thankfully, none in the eyes.
Since I had a mandatory clean-up, we are taking a break to find some door hardware for our vintage doors before returning to continue the tile prep.

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