Monday, January 14, 2008

Stuff gettin' done on a Monday...

First, today we shall call Justen the Miracle Worker as he managed to single-handedly (unless he has a cadre of helper elves we are unaware of) install our behemoth farmhouse sink. The guys from L&E Stone will now return tomorrow afternoon to re-measure for this set-up:
The empty cabinet to the left of the sink is for the dishwasher. And maybe the cabinet installation guys were allowing extra room for our sink when they misplaced the island farther from the wall cabinets! Electrician Brandon installed our kitchen pendants lights (yes, the cords need some straightening):
And now with lightbulb (we need one more of the small base bulbs for this to be truly impressive):
For "kicks" Eric and I whipped up the last bag of pro-level concrete and poured it over the guest bath floor. It went on smooth as silk and without any of the drama (the deluge) that accompanied yesterday's application. When it dries we are ready to tile:
We removed the curb mold from the shower basin and are fairly impressed with ourselves as the thing is drying as solid as, well, concrete!
Gratuitous extra shot of the front doorbell Brandon installed on Thursday. Now you can let us know you have arrived at either entrance. Stop on by and give it a ring!

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Fine Family said...

It continues to amaze me how much progress you make each day! Looking good!