Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Kitchen cabinets...take one!

I say take one because our installers only scheduled us for today, believing that they'd complete the job. David and Tim arrived at 8:55 (note: that's EARLY!) and started by unpacking all of the boxes so that we could inspect the cabinets and check for damage. For the most part everything was in pretty good shape, there's a minor ding here, some scrapes there, two poorly stained doors, oh, and a completely different stain color on one door, but overall things were OK.
The guys worked all day and got everything but the kitchen island installed. They promised to come back tomorrow afternoon to take care of that as well as attach the pulls (giving us just enough time tonight to go get them). Here's the view from the dining room into the kitchen:
Another view from the back door. The big white space is where the range and over-the-counter microwave will be soon:
A straight shot from the arch. Our window feels huge compared to when we first moved in:
Justen put the French doors up today:
He also put the finish coat of concrete on the front stairs. He did the back stairs yesterday. We're taking advantage of the warm weather.


Jennifer said...

What gorgeous cabinets! I love the glass fronts... I wish I had more attractive dishes and could have them!
They look like they match your french doors!

Fine Family said...

Nice - I love it all - especially your updated photo of "the house now"

AmyD said...

i love the french doors! can i bring my kids over to touch all the glass?