Tuesday, January 1, 2008

First night of the new year in the new house!

Once the grouting was done we had to wait 48 hours before we could seal it, so we had the perfect excuse to NOT do any work on the house for a couple of days. What we DID do was haul over our futon mattress and set up a little "urban campsite" in the master bedroom for New Year's Eve. We went to a party at a house right behind ours with new friends (by way of the Renos) Billy & Michele. The dogs slept in the car while we ate, drank and danced in the new year. We trudged up the (very windy and freezing cold) alley about 2:30AM, walked the pooches and retired to our cozy "campsite". It was lots of fun. The dogs didn't seem to mind being away from our other home as they still got walked and fed at their preferred intervals.
We went home for breakfast mid-morning and returned later in the afternoon for a final round of grout haze removal on about 3 rows of tile. I did that while Eric sealed the rest of the floor grout.

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