Thursday, January 24, 2008

More doors, more trim, plumbing too!

Another day of lighter work for us (and none for me). Eric was at the house much of this morning, however, consulting with our plumber about what tasks to begin (and he's got plenty) while he awaits our grout job on the bathoom floors. We had to bring the granite guys back as they missed polishing the two cuts along the stove and we needed just a tad more grinding for the sink to set right. Justen was trimming away. Here's the header to the French doors to the study. They are awaiting the decorative piece just under that top horizontal board:
More farmhouse molding on the second floor in the "den." Justen creatively bridged the gap between the slanted drywall and the to-be-determined floor with a thin slice of molding and ran a painted bit of trim along the brick wall. The heating duct will eventually be boxed in too:
Here's a snippet of baseboard molding in the closet. Justen also covered up a piece of less desirable wood from the old room with trim wood there on the floor on the right under the electrical outlet:
Eric played with carpet squares we'd obtained at the Habitat for Humanity Build-it-Again Center (along with a boatload of hardware: hinges, door stops, knobs, etc. It was a bonanza!) This will be the foundation for the drainage pan for our hall-squatting washer and dryer:
With the foundation set, plumber Bish got the drainage pan installed....maybe we can hook up the washer and dryer this weekend with the help of my folks who are coming in for a visit!
Bish also has lots of drilling to do in our tiles for plumbing pipes. And gas pipes like this hole for our range:
One of my favorite discoveries for the day was the linen closet door at the top of the steps. This is an old cabinet door salvaged from the Celina farmhouse and repurposed here:
Isn't it the cutest thing?! Welcome to our future linen storage. Currently home to bathroom tiling supplies:
And our other "oooh, cool" feature that you have to wait on for a photo of is the little wooden door with the most fabulouse old hardware that Justen put up for our wine cellar" room!


Mark1743 said...

I recently found your blog and have spent the last couple of weeks reading through it whenever I had a spare couple of minutes. You should be proud of the work that you have done while keeping the feel of an old house. It is heartening to see people who appreciate an old home making it livable while maintaining its soul. Congrats!!

The Martineaus said...

Thanks for the warm fuzzies Mark!