Saturday, January 19, 2008

Another day guessed it...TILING!

It's a weekend, so we must be working on tiling the bathrooms. First we laid out all of the tiles in the guest bathroom and did that aesthetic arranging that we like to do so they look like they've got a pattern, while remaining somewhat random (does that even make sense?!) Eric mixes up the last of our platinum (white) thinset:
Next we set the remaining tiles in the master bath that did not need tricky cuts. We've decided to consult the Tile Shop on those after spending much effort and cracking 2 tiles attempting to drill holes for that copper pipe you see sticking out. So that leaves 2 tiles to set in this room:
Then we made our way to the guest bathroom. We managed to set all of the whole tiles and many of the cuts around the edges. We did much thinking about how to orient these guys. Normally, we'd start in the center and work our way to the walls. That would have resulted in nice, even 1/2 tiles on either end (left to right), but that also means we'd have awkward, not necessarily even cut edges next to the bathtub and that just wouldn't do. So we started laying the full tiles at the tub itself. That will leave us with a silly little 2.5" edge on the left, but much of that will be covered by a vanity and stuff anyways.
Tomorrow Eric will visit the Tile Shop to get their aid in cutting about 7 tricky curve cuts and holes. I'll be working.


Jennifer said...

We did the same thing with our tiles.. it just seemed silly to do that much MORE cutting! The end result looks fine... the tub end is practically hidden by the bathmat, toliet, and shower curtain anyway!

We used a jigsaw with a diamond blade for our tricky circular cuts... it worked GREAT!

Anonymous said...

A jigsaw or a dremel with a carbide or diamond blade will do those cuts. remember that you'll (likely) put a finish piece around the pipe though so if it isn't just right you'll never see it anyway. You guys are doing great!