Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Door bonanza!

Justen installed a bunch of doors on the first floor today. Here's the guest room closet door:
The guest room entrance door (left) and bathroom door:
The door to the bathroom from the study (yes, there are 2 entrances to our miniscule WC):


Jennifer said...

Are those original doors? They look really nice!

The Martineaus said...

Well, sort of, but not to our house! The horizontal five panel doors are from a friend's house of similar age in German Village ( that were "extra" during his renovation. The door with the glass and most of the ones for upstairs were salvaged from an Ohio farmhouse that was being demolished. So they are all cool and old, but not technically original to our house. All original doors and trim were completely missing from the house when we bought it and replaced with crappy hollow doors and plywood panelling...ewww! Jennifer, as our most frequent commenter we might have to provide a link to your blog soon! M

Jennifer said...

Awe, thanks! I have a link to yours on my blog already... I've loved watching what's happening.

We've been salvaging old doors for our house... the same thing was done to our house!