Monday, January 28, 2008

Grouting and staining

I de-hazed the guest bathroom tile today. We got grout haze remover at Lowe's and it does the trick nicely:
And not that I have a picture of it, but I whipped up a mini-batch of charcoal grout and filled in some spaces in the baseboard grout. It was hard to see when we did it the first time and on closer inspection I noticed we missed about a dozen small spaces so I fixed that. Then it was on to staining the myriad pieces of closet shelving. Here's the tall end of my sweater shelf pre-stain:
My mom was the expert in shelf construction this weekend and we cut out all of the parts. She kept saying, "we won't fasten them together until you have them sanded, stained and poly-urethaned" and I was all, "yeah, right, like that's ever gonna happen!" But I had Monday off and it seemed like a nice little not-so-difficult task. So I set up some tables with 2x4s atop and put minwax red oak stain on all of the pieces (both sides- yes, I was lazy and did not necessarily let them dry more than 1/2 hour before flipping them, but hey, it's closet shelving people!) The shelves to my sweater unit:
The hardwood plywood pieces to Eric's unit (insert your inappropirate comment here):

That big board in the background is awaiting further measurement for cutting and staining.

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Jennifer said...

Did you follow a pattern for your closet inserts, or did you just create shelving? I'm wanting to create built in closet things when we actually build our closet... just trying to get ideas. :)