Saturday, January 12, 2008

Bathroom tile prep work

Say hi to the MacDonald family. My mom, dad and little brother endured the whole kitchen countertop measurement ordeal yesterday as well as added drama when the door to Eric's office blew off its hinges when we went to pick up the sink to bring to the house for measurement. Here we are looking very much happier this morning:
Eric and I put down the cement backerboard (Denshield) today in the master bathroom. This is the view in the door towards where the toilet & shower will be:
View in the door towards where the matching pedestal sinks will be:
Later, we prepared the downstairs guest bath for the pouring of the pro-level concrete tomorrow. We had to fill in every last gap and pinhole in the floor to keep the stuff in the room. We created dams at both of the doors with old floor planks and plumbers' putty:
Then we stapled down a plastic lath or green mesh that's supposed to help reinforce it. On top of that we carefully stretched and stapled our Suntouch radiant heat pads:
So, hopefully tomorrow we'll get the downstairs bathroom self-levelling concrete poured. Then if we're feeling ambitious we'll create the mortar-based shower pan in the master bath. Then ALL we'll have to do is tile both rooms!

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