Thursday, January 17, 2008

Tired of tiling yet?

We best not be as we have a whole lot of it to go! Tonight we made good progress in the master bath.Eric mortared and laid the tiles while I cut them to fit along the walls. We performed a miracle on Justen's tile saw with the aid of a "feng shui zen fountain" from Lowes. See, we went to Lowes to get a small pond pump, but apparently they don't stock them out of season. Even though you can SEE the whole range of them there, you can't actually buy one. Hmmmm...hey, they sell fountains, those have to have pumps, let's check that out! Better yet, the fountains are on post-Christmas clearance so we bought a floor model, dissected it to remove the pump, attached it to the hose where the non-functioning one had been and voila! we have water on the blade! Standing on the shower pan looking at where there will one day be pedestal sinks:
We got to the back corner where the toilet will be and decided to save the tricky cuts for another day. The dogs were happy with that decision as we'd brought them along but quarantined them to the master bedroom to keep them out of trouble and they were getting restless. Cuts to be made another day:Nifty disovery of the day: Justen got the first door crown up. And the framing on the first floor for a whole lot more!


Jennifer said...

Hint on the tricky cuts in the granite...
use a diamond blade in a jigsaw. We used this to do our slate floors, and it worked BEAUTIFULLY. Slate is a lot softer than granite, of course, but my ex-stone-worker husband says it should work great for the granite in our kitchen, too.

I never thought of MAKING a wet saw... that's brilliant! We did all of our cuts dry, as we already had a bunch of diamond blades for the circular saw lying around. It was sure dusty!

Jen said...

What a great idea!