Monday, December 10, 2007

Well-travelled tiling suppplies

When we first got our two tons of tile and accompanying supplies (more than a dozen 50+ pound bags of mortar and grout) we stationed them in the guest bedroom. We did this for a couple reasons, but primarily because the massive i-beam in the basement runs under this room and we figured it would best be able to withstand the weight. For extra safety we still stacked everything around the perimeter. This left the kitchen available for installation of a new subfloor. Just before the hardwood refinishers came in a couple weeks ago we shifted everything into the now-painted kitchen with its substantial new plywood floor. That was great for a couple weeks. NOW in anticipation of the tin ceiling tiles arriving any day and the imminent installation of all of those plus floor tiles and supplies...the hefty tile boxes and bags of mortar have returned to the guest bedroom (albeit atop several sheets of plastic to protect our lovely pine floors). That was one of my major (and back-aching) accomplishments today. The other was to sand and paint the sideboards and kickboards of the stairs to the second floor. A much more visually rewarding (and less strenuous) task! Justen was on the job today digging footers for the back porch and removing a considerable chunk of the concrete slab. When we got there at 1PM he had "interesting" news for us. EXACTLY where he needs/wants/its in the plans to put the porch footer he ran into our old (but presumably still in use) sewer pipe. We're now trying to figure out a plan that DOES NOT involve trenching the entire yard to move the thing (and likely adding $10K to the cost of the process). Our trusty architect, Steve, has been consulted. Stay tuned to see how our heroes get us out of this sitution!

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