Friday, December 14, 2007

As promised...PHOTO BONANZA!!!

OK, this one looks familiar, but it's fun for comparison. It's the steps "before" painting and sanding:
And a somewhat blurry photo of the steps "after" (note how we left the extension cord in there for true comparison):
This light is in the hallway between the dining room, kitchen and guest bedroom. I promise it is more impressive in person. Here it is peeking through the arch (it's a little weird perspective, the round thing under it is the smoke detector):
The close-to-flush-mount bronze-y fan in the low ceiling guest bedroom:
Our electrician really likes this one. It's the sconce next to the front door in the entry/dining room.
Hopefully on Monday the matching chandelier and pendant will be put up. And the hall fixture above is part of this collection. Below is our little tri-spot light at the top of the steps the the second floor to illuminate future art and the steps:
The more mod ceiling fan in the master bedroom worked well even without a downrod. We're loving the color of the brushed metal with the cool hues and the wood blades with the cocoa paint (barely visible in this shot):
The searched-for pull cord light for the coat closet (Lighting Universe). Yes, someday that tacky string pull will be replaced:
Not that you necessarily wanted to see inside the guest bedroom closet (and in its pre-painted state, maybe you shouldn't). But here's the light for it anyways. After all, you've been so patient with our camera forgetfulness you deserve a little voyeurism:
And tracking Justen's progress today, the block pillars are in. I am only boring you with a photo of one. Trust me, all three look really similar to this:
BONUS PHOTO! And a surprise for us! As we were pulling away after checking out today's work, I noticed that the exterior porch light was in too! I ran back in for a photo op, but really to make sure the French doors were locked (good thing I checked):

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