Sunday, December 9, 2007

Update in photos

OK, so we got around to taking bunches of pictures yesterday and today so we'll play visual catch-up on the written stuff. First, a decent shot of the front porch:
A close-up of the column and the dentil molding that we are mimicking from the original wrap-around porch (and the leaking pipe where we temporarily removed the gutter):
Standing in the middle of the bedroom looking at the loft and the beam that needs sanding:
Peeking in from the hallway:
The closet is organza, but in a room without windows, it may as well be white:
Standing in the hallway looking into the den. Organza ceiling and Tangerine walls:
Me painting the skylight windows in Tangerine:


Jennifer said...

Very cool. I like the dental trim. It's great to see pictures of how things are coming along!

Fine Family said...

Nice Porch!