Sunday, December 16, 2007

As seen on This Old House

If you've been thinking about installing a pressed tin ceiling in your historic house, we can recommend it. I think it probably rates as "moderately difficult" in skill level. On our first round this morning we built off the middle row we started yesterday and completed towards the back of the house figuring our skill level would improve as we continued and our best work would be the most visible from the archway. We left the row on the far left open for the VERY LAST figuring it's going to be covered in cabinetry anyways and if we totally goofed up any of the panels, we could use it (them) where it would be buried. Here's me admiring our work and declaring it "smoothie break time":
We returned revived and started working our way towards the front of the house. Here's where we paused to rejoice that we didn't have to cut any more holes for the can lights (and really, it wasn't that hard in the first place):
We were cruising along when we broke the last of our perfectly-sized drill bits. This merely meant we had to use a slightly smaller size bit that we had available, but it meant a little more muscle had to go into the hammering. About 3/4 of the way through we also realized that if we kept going at our current pace with our supply of cone-head nails, we'd be out about 10 panels before completion. Time to ration. We compromised by using small tack nails along all of the borders with the walls as, ultimately they will be hidden by cornice (to be put up after the cabinets are installed). In all the job took us about 10 hours to complete, but WOW! what an amazing result! We were totally psyched about our ten panels yesterday, but check this out:
And a view from another angle through the archway:
So there you have it, our Sunday's worth of effort. We were thoroughly impressed with ourselves that no panels were damaged in the undertaking. We needed 54 to cover the ceiling, but ordered 56, just in case we goofed anywhere, and now we've got 2 extra tiles! Now that the ceiling is done, it's time to get cracking on the floor...we've got cabinets coming!

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Andrew said...

Wow you guys, this looks fantastic, can't wait to see your project completed!