Monday, December 17, 2007

Monday photo bonanza!

We had 2 electricians on duty today: Brandon and Dustin. Brandon (aka "the kid") was mostly relegated to the basement. I thought his primary duty was wiring the lights in the "wine cellar" (which seemed to take FOREVER). However, it turns out he may have had a more important function. He was also apparently in charge of making the connections between the installed fixtures and the electric panel. You've seen this photo of the master bedroom before, but this time, the light (and fan) WORKS:
Humorously, Dustin made sure we knew where each of the remote controls for the light/fan for each room is. We think that he believed they'd only work with the accompanying remotes. Fortunately they also work with the switches he installed on the walls of each room! Here's the installed chandelier at the top of the steps outside of the master bedroom. We got it at Grand View Mercantile, an awesome consignment shop in the Short North:
Dustin was a trooper putting up the dining room lights today. We set this one high enough that it makes head-wacking an unlikely occurence:
The light fixture for the upstairs bathroom. There are two, but the other one was missing a bracket so Dustin is looking for something to make do:
The light fixture for the guest bathroom:
One of my Monday jobs was to paint the coat closet. I re-used the living room ceiling paint (jersey cream) and the guest bedroom wall color (harvest gold):
Here's a shot of Dustin hard at work hanging the matching pendant light in the dining room:
The illuminated pendant and its matching fixtures: the wall sconce and a sliver of the chandelier from above:
Job number two for the day was to paint the hallway to the basement. You might recognize the colors in re-use here too, but in reverse. The ceiling is the asparagus on the walls in the study and the walls are the citrine color that is the ceiling in the study:
"Porch Guy" Justen was here today too. He had a cellophane tent with space heaters set up in the backyard and was working on the masonry for the back porch. Then this evening he started bringing up the salvaged trim pieces from the basement and matching them with the appropriate spaces. It's pretty cool to see the doors come out of the basement and sit next to where they will ultimately be hung!

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