Thursday, December 13, 2007

Concrete and light fixtures

The electric contractors spent their first day at the house in awhile working on the finished product. Accomplished: attaching plugs to all of the outlets that were previously just wires in a box, same with light switches and most fun: installing the guest and master bedroom ceiling fan/ lights! And, of course we were camera-less so you'll get a bonus post one of these days. Justen poured concrete in the porch footers which will hopefully cure quickly what with some impending snowstorm (according to our alarmist weather-folk). The (re)start of the electric work also let us know that we had to pick up more a Lowe's trip was in order and off we went. We had to pick up a downrod for the fan/light in our living room- that cathedral ceiling made it a necessity. We picked up a 48" version to match. We also needed ANOTHER light...just a basic little number for the guest bedroom closet. And a chime for the doorbell. Good lord the choices at the home goods box stores are mind-numbing. Of course there is your typical two-tone (ding-dong) and the standard "Westminster bells" and then you have any option of progammable whateva! The electric guys joked with Eric that he'd probably pick one up with the OSU fight song. Fortunately they don't know my husband that well and he knows me well enough to laugh at the mere suggestion (I'm not a Buckeye-hater, just far from a fanatic that would warrant Carmen Ohio chimes!). Instead we agreed upon the same basic little number he installed at our old house. It looks like a mini-version of the old school bells and it rings a tinny and hard-to-miss announcement that someone has arrived. Couldn't find it on the Lowe's site, but look at a similar one and listen to it here:

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