Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The end of prime time

Having the day off work is awesome...and productive. I pretty much completed the remaining priming in the house. The "groove room" (aka den), closet and master bath drywall have all been primed. Since I had a couple gallons left in the 5 gallon mega-tub that we bought, I also primed the plywood flooring in the closet and den. What would possess me to do such a thing? Well, despite vacuuming, there's still a fine layer of drywall dust on the floors that we track around on the lovely new hardwood when we walk through those rooms. So I took a "if you can't beat it...seal it" approach. Eric and I visited Lowe's today and ordered our SunTouch heating pads for the tile floors, ETA 12/12/08. Yesterday afternoon we hit Sherwin Williams (again) and picked up the colors for the rooms I just primed. The den will be tangerine and organza (a very very pale orange) and the bedroom is two shades of aqua and mocha. I got a wee bit of cutting done for the ceiling in the master. Hopefully I can get that room done tomorrow! Brad from Evans Carpet stopped in this morning to measure the rooms for installation. He says we can get it installed as early as next week, but I opted for the week before Christmas to give us a little more painting and dust-abating time! Justen has been cranking on the front porch. He finished the ceiling and all of the decorative molding work yesterday including dentil molding that he custom-created for us. Today he created a plastic tent and was working on the brick pillars.
The weather man says it should be 60 on Sunday and 50 on perhaps we'll get the porch painted before winter REALLY arrives (because the 4 inches of snow we got today don't count until 12/21!)

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like you all are moving through projects quickly . . . I hope everything goes well in the winter painting.

We tried painting in the cold weather last year and got some pretty choppy results. May have just been the high humidity too...

BTW: The house looks really cute!