Thursday, December 20, 2007

Thursday Ta-da!

A boatload of work got done today with a total of 10 people on the premises at various times for various tasks. Let's start with the ever-appreciated and lovely Mz. Suz who dedicated her last day before heading home for the holidays to painting our bathroom. Here she is demostrating her darling technique with the Slow Green:
The installers from Evans Carpet were on the scene and knocked out two rooms in just under two hours to great effect. Here's the now cozy master bedroom:
And the walk-in closet with the same carpet:
The KraftMaid delivery truck showed up at 11 a.m. and loaded our dining room with the accoutrements to make our kitchen fab (Suz does her best 50s pose):
Both electricians were on and off site throughout the day making stuff happen like getting the master bathroom wired. And note the Jetstream Blue color on the walls...that was one of my accomplishments. Here's Brandon putting on the finishing touches to keep us illuminated:
One of my favorite silly things of the day was getting the doorbell installed. They got the bell up when Dustin asked "do you have the pushbuttons?" Uh, no. A phone call to Eric who remembered we purchased a lot (literally, like 5) at some garage sale or auction and dug them up in our basement. They were cooler than any I've seen lately (according to the bags they were Restoration Hardware). Here's the back ringer:
And my most favorite of the day...getting our front porch light installed (note the painted porch roof which I got done when it was a warm-ish 40 degrees yesterday):
At night it even makes it look like real people LIVE here:
On other fronts, Justen got the back porch roof installed so sometime in the next few weeks the guys can come back and put up those fixtures. He was also instumental in getting our 36" corner base cabinet INTO the abode. It just wasn't fitting through the 32" back door for the delivery guys and the front door is no larger. In two minutes he had the door off its hinges...but it still wasn't working. Five more minutes and the jamb was gone, the guys removed the cabinet from its' massive box and delicately maneuvered it through the opening and deposited it in the dining room with its counterparts. We went to lunch and the door and frame were back together...Thanks Justen!

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