Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Wednesday...more photos!

For this you can thank Eric for remembering the camera. I'm off for the remainder of the week so I'm working at the house. First order of business for today was to paint the new front porch ceiling so that the electricians can hang the pendant light...the weather cooperated and gave me a 40+ degree day to paint outside. Check. They'll be hanging it tomorrow. Next I started cleaning the doors that have been brought upstairs like the French doors in the pic below...which is really of the stained glass pendant now hanging in the study:
Here's one of the spotlights in the "wine cellar" or that creepy weird room in the basement:
Here's the decking on the back porch that Justen completed today. He promised us a ceiling tomorrow so the electricians can hang the back porch light and fan:
Here's the upstairs porch light in action...and Eric with funny glowing eyes (the downstairs back porch light matches, but is the larger version):
Thanks to marvelous friend Suz who primed the downstairs bathroom and painted the ceiling in there today. Eric manned the shopvac to prep the upstairs for the arrival of carpeting tomorrow. Let's see if our run of good luck in remembering to bring the camera keeps up!

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