Saturday, December 15, 2007

Scheduling installations!

Good news on two fronts today. First, our carpet will be installed in the master bedroom and closet next Thursday (12/20). Also, our KraftMaid kitchen cabinets get delivered that same day. The installation guys for that were ready to go immediately on Friday, or the week right after Christmas. Since we still have to put up the tin ceiling and tile the whole floor, we put them off for a week, but, get this, they are going to do the installation on a SUNDAY! Really, they think it should only take a day, so on 12/30 we will be having the cabinets installed. You know what that means? They should be in BEFORE THE NEW YEAR! Now, we'll be crossing our fingers and hoping it all shakes out that way, but given that is has the POTENTIAL to, we're thrilled! Come on Justen...may the weather hold out and we could have the back porch done too!

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