Saturday, December 22, 2007

The Tiling Job that Stole Christmas

Today we cut tile and set the tiles at the edges of the floor. As with every other part of the tile job, it isn't so hard as it is time-consuming. And it is hard in some ways. The kneeling, squatting and standing is a helluva workout. Floor of porcelain, buns of steel. And while we did not finish today as we had hoped, we did get all of the tiles which go under the cabinets set, so if we have the cabinets installed on Dec. 30 as planned, we should be OK if we can grout on the 28th.

First, we finished the full tiles at the back and front of the room.

Next, Mary hit the tile saw. Once again she has proven herself an excellent Cutter (scooter club reference). Eric designed the high-fashion poncho. The 2 tile saws are both loaners, one from friend Andy Miller, the other from our porch contractor Justen. As the pump on the big tile saw was not working, we started with the small one. After a bit we figured that as a team I could pour water while Mary cut. And we did pretty dang well. Thanks to Andy & Justen!

Finally, we quit. It looks more complete than it is. About 1/2 of the edge tiles are not yet mortared, but that will happen soon enough.

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