Thursday, December 6, 2007

Cool teal and mocha for the bedroom

It seems like painting for 6+ hours should result in the accomplishment of more than simply the near-completion (not even the completion!) of the master bedroom. I suppose when one rationalizes that I was double-coating three different colors on the equivalent of about 6 walls PLUS a huge angled ceiling and lots and lots of's actually a pretty decent feat. No, you will not get to see any actual photos until it is FINISHED. Maybe tonight. Maybe not. Justen appears to have finished the front's been too cold for me to spend much time out their gazing appreciatively at it so we took him at his word and paid him his next draw. I hear it's supposed to warm up on Sunday and Monday, so maybe I'll check it out then (and paint it if the weather REALLY cooperates). He spent the morning with a set of plans evaluating the details of our necessary trim carpentry to give us a bid on that. We mentioned that with the diabolical shift in the weather to frigid, perhaps he could work on some interior stuff until the weather becomes amenable to digging holes and pouring concrete. The afternoon was nice enough that he was tromping around out there without a coat and ripping down the rest of the old back porch...well, the "newer" old back porch. Underneath that is a solid concrete old back porch that will remain for our convenience in ingress and egress (and the delivery of ceiling tiles, cabinets, appliances, etc.):
Eric came over after work and began to inventory the trim so we can see what we've got enough of to put where.

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