Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Will the plaster ever end?

So we are back into the routine. After work we went home and changed into grubbies and went to the house. Today's task was to eliminate more of the remaining plaster. Eric took out the stuff on the stairway to the 2nd floor. I knocked out a patch over the chimney w/o a fireplace. That was interesting in that I removed a really heavy patch of plaster which ended up to be cementing in an old stovepipe cap. Not anymore - you can now peer into the chimney (assuming you are 8 feet tall). Then the "t" of plaster over the front window and door beckoned. Others had avoided that patch due to windows and the spiderweb of wiring that hooks up the front porch light (and we know how the wiring in this house looks). I took it down without cracking windows or causing any wiring sparks to fly. The plaster even neatly cracked off around the wires. I also stripped a little more drywall and tileboard from the bathroom while Eric was cleaning up the avalanche of plaster on the steps. We are postponing doing the rest of the bathroom until we get the plumbing capped off so as not to create a foutain in there when we (inevitably) knock over the pipes as we remove the tub, shower and knock down the dropped ceiling.

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