Tuesday, January 23, 2007

So much for privacy in the loo!

Monday night we tore down the wall between the middle room and the bathroom. First we took the plastic "tile" sheeting off the wall, then kicked in the drywall (complete with kung-fu posturing), then hammered the studs out with trusty mini-mallet, "Thor!" While we were at it we took out the (cough) attractive swan shower door (first dibs on this if you want it- it's sitting on the back porch). Then we removed half of the plastic shower surround (note E looking mighty) and PRESTO! There's the window that's been hidden for who knows how many years! Ironically, that also makes it the only window on the first floor that is not completely painted shut. It's even painted in a shade of green similar to the one we are contemplating for the exterior window woodwork...how about that? They obviously spared no expense on this bathroom, note the shampoo dispenser on the wall in the shower and they left us a toilet plunger in the tub....let's hope it's not because it was necessary to have it that close at hand! For the shy, we did leave the wall immediately next to the toilet up and will rig a curtain for a little privacy while you go about your bidness.

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