Saturday, January 13, 2007

How do I a-door thee?

Let me count the ways. Right now 17 plus 2. Mary discovered the magic of Craigslist. Ben from Findlay posted that he had 17 doors that he rescued from a farmhouse that was going to be demolished in Celina, Ohio. It belonged to the parents of one of his co-workers. He went in and saved them. He wanted $35 each for them, but would give somebody a "really good deal" if they took them all. So we did. We drove up to his house in Findlay on a Friday night in a rainstorm, loaded them into the van and brought them home. He even threw in 2 long five-panel cabinet doors as a "bonus". This guy was great, he saved the hinges, hardware, everything down to the screws attaching them! Most of the doors have their original hardware that looks like brass. A few have black enamel knobs. When we bought the house we had four doors: front and back exterior, bathroom and basement. None of them is remotely worth saving. As we are creating bedrooms and bathrooms and studies and such, we're going to have a need for doors and we wanted something that looks or is historically appropriate. We think these are just the thing! Some are painted, most are stained, they'll all probably require a little TLC. And they come in a variety of sizes, but our ace architects said that since we're creating all of the spaces, we can have our carpenter frame in whatever size we need! Check them out!

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Robin said...

That's great! Way to be resourceful, too. We have alot of renovation here in Atlanta, especially in Inman Park. They do an annual tour of homes, and this year there was a home that i really loved. Turns out, it was a total renovation almost like yours. The owner scavanged the Craigs list here and now has beautiful hardware throught the home. It really makes the home special. So keep up the great work!