Monday, January 29, 2007

We returned from helping Mom and Dad Mac in Cleveland get their house ready for sale. Our task there was to paint the hallway on the stairs and the second floor. We are ace painters so that was no problem. We were rewarded for our labor with dinner at the Mint Cafe, a little Thai place on Coventry. We got home mid-day Monday, Eric went to the office for a few hours and Mary went to the house. First task, I dragged the electric stove onto the back porch for eventual removal...although if YOU want it, go get it. Hmmm it feels kinda chilly inside. Check the thermometer hanging in the dining room and learn it's 35 degrees inside. BRRRRR...Next task, replace the thermostat. Get the same model at Lowe's and hook it up (again- though Mr. M did it the last time). Then on to the "real" work! There was a weird green cardboard-y wall on the steps to the second floor (between the bonus room) that more or less crumbled when we tried to take it off, but was not easily removed. It turns out it was nailed about every 4", so I came up with a method of using a prybar t0 take it out 4" at a time. That left quite the mess to clean up all over the stairs along with the plaster from the demo party, but they are now clear (just don't smack them or a cloud of dust results). Then I started cleaning up the various piles of rubble left from the party around the walls. Back at the office Eric took possession of the pair of pedestal sinks we ordered from Home Depot. We're planning twin pedestals in the master bath and these "petite" profile seemed to fit the bill perfectly:
After work, Eric joined me at the house and removed more of the bathroom surround and framing around the window. That cleared the plaster and lathe for removal behind the adjacent pocket door...DOWN! The Shop Vac came out and sucked up lots of plaster dust at the base of the walls and under the carpet. Working on my parent's house this weekend we got "stair envy" as they had lovely hardwood treads. For fun we decided to see what lurks under the brown shag on ours. Eric pried up a strip at the far it looks pretty decent...maybe even hardwood (though painted)! We called it quits at 8PM and went home for Heroes and Studio 60.

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