Friday, January 12, 2007

Back at it!

We were away from the house for two days and it seemed like FOREVER!
But we went back to it for a solid two hours Thursday night. Eric completed the removal of the remaining ceiling in the entry room and then hit the wall over the "closet to another dimension." (What we hope will be a built-in buffet/china cabinet someday). I was weary of the crap raining down on my head from ceiling removal, so I decided to do something "fun." I removed all of the plaster from the brick wall that divides the back bedroom from the middle room. And a lovely brick wall it is! Too bad it is likely to be removed with the chimney to make more room for the bathroom! But for now it's looking sharp. We spent 25% of our remaining time there yesterday shoveling #@%$! into garbage bags to prepare for DUMPSTER #3 which should arrive sometime Friday morning. Misery loves company as the saying goes, so we've invited all of our friends (and any of you reading this post before Saturday) for a "Demolition Party!" To be held at the house from noon-5 on Saturday, 1/13/07. Anyone putting in at least a couple hours of labor gets dinner on us later that night (after all retreating to our respective homes for a good scrub down) at the Surly Girl Saloon!

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