Friday, January 19, 2007

Sorry for the work lapse, we'll get on it today!

After knocking the %$#@* out of the house last weekend, we (read Mary) took a little hiatus. In fact, I (Mary) spent the entirety of last Monday and most of the following Tuesday (after dutifully opening the Market and having 2 meetings) in bed with an awful chest cold. As I continued sneezing, wheezing and hacking coughing through the week, it made it very difficult to work up the enthusiasm to head over to the dust bin, er, house and get anything done. I DID take a stained glass class (part 2 of a series of 4) on Wednesday night. I have high hopes of one day adorning a multitude of our smaller and more interesting windows & transoms with little pieces of glass artwork. Thursday we dropped in to install a new (the 3rd) thermostat. (I say "we" in the royal sense as I dutifully accompanied E to Lowe's to pick one out and did my part by pulling the wires through to the basement. Why would anyone want to set up their thermostat in the basement? Did I mention that it's the 3rd (including the one original to the house)? Yours truly is a bit of a klutz. In tearing down the wall I obliterated the first one. As it was 50 degrees a few weeks ago it wasn't a big deal, but we replaced it and balanced the new one on a nail in the side of a stud. I probably tripped over those attached wires no less than three times causing the thing to come crashing to the ground. We also performed much dusty work then so that may have contributed to its demise (I say to console myself). Anyway, when it decided to actually turn into winter here in Ohio...what, in mid-January? A thermostat became required to keep the house at a work-able temperature...and oh, prevent the pipes from freezing. E checked in on it and it's working just fine...I guess it's time to get back to work!

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adventure reno said...

That sounds like me! I have tripped over the cable wire running from the living room to the dining room so many times that this weekend it finally pulled completely out of the wall. I think we might need some of your duct tape.