Sunday, February 4, 2007

We cut the power!

We cut the power yesterday. More specifically, our electrician, Mark did. He cut all the lines of old wiring from the box in the basement and set up three new ones. A direct line for the furnace and two quad boxes to run extension cords upstairs for little things like temporary lights and power tools. Now we can strip all of the old wires without fear of shock (electrick shock- not "being appalled at how awful that wiring is"). Before he arrived we started the quest to fill our fifth dumpster. Then Eric turned off the water to the bathroom and removed the rest of the tub. Next came the sink! Once the fixtures were gone, it was pretty easy to remove the "new tile" (self-stick vinyl tiles attached to a single sheet of old vinyl that peeled right up). Nothing but easily sweep-able plywood subfloor now! With the fixtures gone, that meant we could also remove the walls arount the toilet (which we've not removed "just in case" we need it). The toilet itself was set into what looks like it used to be an old closet. Eric and I tore down those walls and then "just for fun" decided to take out the dropped ceiling (at this point hanging by a few beams that looked like they could crash down at any time). The drywall panels popped off pretty easily exposing the two-by-four frame that was leaning to reachable height and pretty easy picking! That exposed more of the upper wall over the toilet that Eric had decided was where "they hid the money" so our last splurge was to rip that down. We discovered lots of old cloth drapes and clothing (insulation?), a glove, but no cash. At this point we decided to call it a day, much to the delight of my hungover husband (what a trooper!). This entry is dedicated to our loyal friend and reader Ann who pointed out last night that we hadn't posted since Tuesday. Happy reading.

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