Thursday, September 13, 2007

Kitten update...

So I put the neighbors we know on "high alert" in search of the missing mama cat and her kittens. Bob called this morning with news (mews?) of a "kitten sighting" at his next door neighbor's house (across the back alley and about 5 houses down). I had an appointment with a contractor anyways, so I went over to the house and left a note on their door about the cats. Oh, and I peeked through their back fence and called for mama cat. She came out from under their deck and let me pet her through the fence. The kittens must have heard me as they tumbled out from under the deck and watched from 20 feet away. Lori (of Ryan and Lori) called me that afternoon. Apparently she and Ryan had been feeding "Boots" (as they have nicknamed her) for a few months when she up and disappeared one day to have her kittens. They had been frantic about her since they knew she was pregnant. Then one day this week she just reappeared under their deck with her litter. So everyone is safe and now she has 2 families lookig for homes for her and her progeny!

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