Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Another "wow!" day

The Pella crew started yesterday and made some fantastic progress. They installed all of the windows into the new framing and started on the replacement windows. Below are the French doors (or Freedom Doors as our new neighbor Billy joked) off of the master bedroom.

Below: the other windows in the master bedroom.

Below: The Pella crew after tear-out of the 2 windows in our front porch.

Below: Here we have the metal roof which forms the floor of our balcony. It had to be installed before the French doors were installed, and we cut it close. It was completed over the weekend.

Below: In other news, Mary and I spent Monday afternoon cleaning the portions of the brick walls which we intend to leave exposed. We sprayed muriatic acid and scrubbed to get the plaster and mortar off the face of the brick, sometimes more successful than others. You can see the difference and it will look great in the end.

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