Sunday, September 16, 2007

Another quality find..or "why we love craigslist!"

First, some updated photos of the house. Mary got to the peak while Eric played soccer last Wednesday and painted the new siding and trim. We're thinking of highlighting the finish molding on all of the eaves with the gold (as shown in the very top rear peak). What do you think? And adding some gold highlighting to the corbels (those decorative things on the front) to balance out the colors.
I found some old wrought iron fencing under the "materials" listing on craigslist on Friday. I called "Paul" and he seemed surprised to hear that we are from Columbus since he's in Dayton. "Oh, my son listed that for me, I thought he was only advertising it in the Dayton area!" We made arrangements to check it out on Sunday after our busy weekend (Scoot-A-Que AND the Microbrew Festival). We stopped at the Springfield Antiques Extravaganza along the way, but found nothing we "needed." We got to Paul's house in Beavercreek and were delighted that he was home and still had the fencing (he was a little hard to contact). We took a good look at it and decided both that we liked the look of it (we have a penchant for fleur-de-lis) and that it was a good deal at $450 for 33 feet of it. So we paid the kind man and loaded it into the euro van for the trip back to Columbus.
Here's a more detailed look at the finials. Paul said he'd received a call from a guy in Marion who asked him if there were any lines on the fencing (which would indicate that it's newer molded stuff). There are none and it is nicely evenly pitted (which I gather is also good from reading up on it on other sites). Now we need fence posts and gates. Keep your eyes peeled!
Craigslist tally: numerous farmhouse doors, french doors, big old mantle and wrought iron fencing.

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