Monday, September 10, 2007

Painting painting painting

We had a full house today. Rick the HVAC guy had a couple of helpers. Larry, Felix and Sean returned to trim the newly installed windows, add more siding and complete some finish trim on the eaves. The Pella crew returned to continue framing out the installed windows and add the decorative arched aluminum tops. Two guys from "All About Roofs" worked on the flat roof (which also leaked on Saturday). And since it was my day off and the guys had lots of scaffolding conveniently set up, I came over to paint. Mom (and maybe Dad) stop reading here and skip past the 1st photo. Trek one was up this "interesting" scaffolding. It consisted of two ladders and an 18" board between them. Yours truly scaled it and painted the green eaves you see peeking out. Alas, Sean needed to install the siding and it doesn't look like it's built for 2, so I moved on to firmer footing around the corner (on a ladder nailed to the roof).
My afternoon consisted of standing on the roof and/or hanging from various places (like a chimney) to paint the upper eaves. Oh, and lots of caulking...given the moisture in the basement, I want the upper level to be airtight! Eric came by after work and did the "rewarding painting"or at least the most noticable stuff that everyone sees...that is, the front of the house and decorative corbels to match the new windows.
And now, the "money shot!" Look at this image and then scroll up to the one of the house when we bought it (upper right hand column). It's looking like a new house (at least from the outside)!

Take note: new windows, no bad and really obvious white gutters, matching windows on front porch, new roof on house, new second floor peaking out with just a hint of eyebrow window (we've got 3 total), new dormer with window overlooking the park, roof over front porch and, of course, the freshly painted eaves in a color that would not be called "flesh" in a box of crayolas! Stay tuned, one day that plywood will be covered with siding and painted too! And we'll get a "real"porch (vs. the remainder of the bad old deck).

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