Tuesday, September 18, 2007

It's all in the details!

One of the charming things about this house (and what attracted us to it in the first place) is all of the little exterior details. From the stunning brick and the precisely arched windows to the decorative wood molding (previously monochrome and covered in white gutters) that begged to receive a little more attention. So we went to Sherwin Williams and selected a couple of colors from their myriad options (I think these are from the Arts & Crafts or maybe the Victorian Collection) that would work with the existing brick color. Here's the result of tonight's labor:When we get the new doors and the porch finished the house will be perfect (from the outside...notice you haven't seen many interior pics lately?) Here's me at work on the corbels. Both E and I have concluded that painting over your head, well, basically sucks! We both have sore arms, stiff necks and achey backs .
This was Monday night's progress. We finished the new siding and trim with two coats and it's ready! (Remember the icky old white aluminum siding? You know, the stuff that matched the gutters!) Don't look at the dormer as we obviously have some work to do there...but...Yay! It's got siding and trim! And someday all of the upper molding on these eaves will have the gold accent too...
With our brushes still wet on Monday night, we put them to use on the back of the house, at least on the parts that we could easily reach without the aid of ladders.

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