Thursday, August 2, 2007

August 1 Photos

We walked the perimeter yesterday to review the progress. On the top of this window next to the condos we noticed the decorative detailing on the wooden part of the arch. We'd never noticed it before and thought it was neat!
The dormer has fascia and trim!

The massive i-beam was added to the basement yesterday for additional support. They inserted it by making a hole in the brick, sliding it in and supporting it. Then our mason, Paul will re-brick it into the structure and fill the hole. Presto! It will look like it's always been there!

Hardi-plank siding where the vinyl was stripped off (and we found the door...and the termite damage)...

The highlight of our day yesterday. I found this massive oak mantle on Craigslist. It is big...and old (the yellowed tag on the back says Marietta Mantle Company)...and VERY HEAVY! We ran out to Galloway to claim it from a guy who'd taken it out of his house and didn't want it. We JUST BARELY got it in to the van (we had to remove various pieces parts of the vehicle to make it fit) with his kind help. On the return trip we had the back of the van open with the lower 1/2 of the mantle sticking out as we made our way cautiously down Broad Street back to the house. Our AWESOME crew removed it from the van when we got there and our AWESOME neighbors let us stash it in their garage. And it FITS the fireplace right inside the front door (at least the cutout appears to be about right on)! And it has a perfect condition bevelled mirror! And it was UNDER $100! Rock on! Can ya tell I'm excited about it?

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