Friday, August 3, 2007

HVAC Contractors- boy do we need them!

So we met with the HVAC guys today - Keith and Rick. They were scouting the house for the purpose of determining where to place various vents and returns and how to run everything up to the second floor without making overly-obnoxious extra chases and soffits. Carolyn joined us as her crew will frame out the final product. We think we came up with pretty good ideas - one set will run behind the back door in the kitchen (otherwise unusable space) another will bump the bathroom wall a little further next to the study for a seamless chase. While it sounds like these decisions were easy to come by, they were not. It took about an hour and a half with five of us trying to decide what could or could not happen. And the house felt about 90-100 degrees. But we're happy with the conclusion. Eric put them in contact with the plumber to make sure they aren't vying for chase space! Also today I set up two more appointments for Monday. At 9 we're meeting with a guy who does decorative concrete flooring - because we just can't commit to what we're going to do to the floor in the kitchen and we want to investigate all of our options. Concrete can be stained and stamped to look like tile, dyed to have different colors and textued. We're not sure if this is the option for us, but we thought we'd consider it! And then the awesome Brad from M&M doors is coming out to measure. We're very excited about that!

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