Sunday, August 12, 2007

Thanks for the help, Sister!

Here is the backyard view. Note that the siding has been installed on the dormers as well as most of the trim. The rest of the siding will have to wait until the windows are installed. On Tuesday the metal roof over the balcony and the back porch will be installed, or at least so we are told. We arrived on Friday to find a DeMarco Roofing sign in our front yard, which confused us as we did not hire DeMarco roofing. But our contractors ordered the metal roof from DeMarco, so it is the delivery sign.

Here are a few shots of our joist-sistering project. The room feels quite open now that 2 metal posts have been removed.

Otherwise, while lying awake at 1:00 AM the other night, I realized that the plumbers were drilling the holes for our toilettes, but that they don't know if they are 10'' or 12'' on center drains. So I hauled the toilettes to the site so the plumbers could drill the drains in the right location.

As a bonus, here is a shot of our chuckle-head dog, Bogart, playing in Goodale park. Yes, Bogart is the one lying on the ground.

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